The Schwie Family Website

The goal of "" is twofold:

1. To provide an avenue for Schwie family members to share information on the internet; and

2. To provide each family member with a email address.

The main "" website will serve as an index linked to each family member's content and will provide instructions on getting your account set up.

Before we go any further, special thanks go out to Dan and Cindy for making this possible.

OK.   On with the fun...  If your last name is Schwie, or you really wish it was, get your personal webspace and email address on "" today!  Contact Brad (remove the X's before the @ in my email address) to get your account set up, and provide the following information in your correspondence:

1.  Choose a username you would like for the base of your email address. Once your account is set up, you can choose a few names if you'd like (i.e. , ).

2.  Choose a password for your webspace.  All Schwies may post content in their user directory (i.e. Wes may post content to his personal website at and any subdirectory he can imagine, including Only send your password to me via email if you encrypt your message to me (drop me a note to get my public key).

After your webspace has been created, you can upload files to using SFTP (secure file transfer protocol).

Another side note...  If you would like to have another directory besides your personal directory, such as "football", hosted on, please contact Brad and arrangements can be made.


Currently hosted pages: 

For existing users, click the link below to access your email on the web:


Fine Print

* reserves the right to reject requests for an email address or webspace.  Furthermore, content posted on this site that is deemed offensive may be removed without consent.  In order to verify real Schwies from fake Schwies, challenge questions may be posed to prove your relation.

**Email addresses displayed on this website are encrypted using Javascript to avoid detection by scum sucking spambots.  See the code of this page to see how it works, or visit RAILhead Design to learn more about SpamStopper.

***Email address forwarding and Dynamic DNS requests for "" are handled by ZoneEdit.  When an email message is sent to your email address, ZoneEdit provides the underlying seamless technology.  The password you choose is only used on the SFTP server for accessing webspace and has nothing to do with your email account.